I remember the event like it was just an hour ago. Mainstream media was in overdrive with around-the-clock coverage. The democrat machine was in “all hands on deck” mode. The GOP leadership was in utter disbelief. The entire Intelligence community kept the media fed on a steady diet of misinformation. Words like treason, traitor, and Manchurian had the public foaming at the mouth for blood. Newspapers like The New York Times and the Washington Post had economic experts spell out in horrifying detail the impending doom that was to follow the event. Twitter, Facebook, and Google join in the panic like parasites on a whale. But amid all the panic, there was one group that seemed to be unphased by the event. There was one group, who in secret thanked God for the event. The event was the unlikely election of Donald J. Trump to be the 45th president of the United States. The group that was secretly elated by the event was America’s Middle-class. Now, however, with Donald Trump neatly removed from the White House, all is calm again...or so they thought. 


In just 9 months, the presidency of Joe Biden (the so-called moderate) has placed America on a downward trajectory never seen in recent history. Over one million illegal migrants have poured over our southern borders unvetted and unvaccinated. The U.S. job market is in a dismal downward spiral at toilet bowl speed. The U.S. military brass (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin) are intent on making sure our soldiers are Woke. The racist dogma of Critical Race Theory is being taught and or advocated in schools has American parents in a frenzy to protect their children from this racist teaching. Unfettered censorship is now championed by the Left and the Democratic party. U.S. major cities are seeing a crime wave that would make Al Capone blush. 

Mandatory vaccination nationwide was just ordered by the President of the United States. Under Biden’s leadership, the Taliban have overrun Afghanistan with the speed and precision of an out-of-control runaway freight train. 

“The signal to Western civilization was clear, Communism will be allowed to flourish in the West, starting with America.”

The Taliban are holding Americans hostage and conducting door-to-door searches for U.S. Afghan allies. After being flown to America, unvetted Afghans are being released from military bases in Wisconsin and Tennessee. And back in Afghanistan, 13 active servicepersons were killed in a suicide bombing. All of this was done in just 9 short months under the Biden Administration—just 9 months! 

I’ve said many times that a Democratic Republic is only as strong as its electorate. Now, many of that electorate are feeling buyer’s remorse. 


When Twitter and Facebook censored the Hunter Biden laptop story, they were running interference for the Joe Biden 2020 campaign. The CEOs of Twitter and Facebook were desperate to remove Trump from office. Mainstream media was also desperate to remove Trump, so they ran hit piece after hit piece to sour the public on Trump. It worked. 

China did its part to remove Trump from office by exporting a virus worldwide that hobbled the U.S. economy. Governors like Cuomo, Newsom, and Whitmer did their part by shutting down small businesses to ostensibly “slow the spread” thereby keeping the U.S. economy shackled to the whims of COVID-19. 

Now, just after 9 months under Biden’s leadership, Americans are feeling remorse for voting for him in the first place. After 9 months our southern border is open, inundated by persons unknown and dangerously unsecured. 

Perhaps one of the dumbest campaigns of the Century came from the Democrat leadership. The slogan was equally dumb: Defund the Police. I was heard from prominent democrats in House. After the defund the police campaign, democrats siphoned off billions to remove police from our most vulnerable communities. The result? Criminals feel emboldened and unencumbered by law enforcement. Crime has risen exponentially in just a short few months.

At the behest of Joe Biden himself, the Marxist movement Black Lives Matter had their flag hoisted over our embassies around the world. The signal to Western civilization was clear, Communism will be allowed to flourish in the West, starting with America. 


Afghans are being released from military bases to do God knows what to God knows who. In just 9 months the U.S. economy is seeing its worst growth in recent history. In just 9 months, the electorate responsible for Biden being unleashed on the world wants a do-over.  Unfortunately, they can’t take that vote back. In real life, there are no do-overs or reset buttons. Americans will be feeling this feckless Administration’s missteps for years to come. An untold number of illegal immigrants have passed through our borders without even so much as a background check. 


Elections have consequences. 

You don’t believe in horrifying dystopian stories? Well, you best start,’re in one! 

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